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Borumand Healthcare and Cosmetic Services Company manages and presents plastic surgery and rhinolplasty in truism forms in Iran.

It is a branch of Borumand Technical Company which has been established in 1999 or 1377 Hijra and is one of greatest trade and contract work companies.

These days Iran is known as a center for special, medical, cosmetic, hair plant and rhinoplastic surgeries and has attained outstanding success in all these areas with the reputation for high standards skill, competency and competitive prices in world over.

Borumand plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is currently a pioneer in presenting the above mentioned services thanks to its specialization and wide range of facilities that we offer to our passengers and guests.

We also can offer full healthcare and very comfortable services for all Arab Counties by the most modern techniques in cosmetics and hair plant surgeries.

We assure you of best possible services together with providing any medical information about types of surgeries we conduct in Iran. We are helping our customers with best and most reasonable prices putting their health above all other things.

The prospect of our success can be judged by services we perform with high quality and would make it an unforgettable journey ending to your good health and full satisfaction of surgeries we perform.

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